I love the books. I jest loves em! Though I find I read in cycles - sometimes a lot, other times - not so much. Sometimes I can power through a book in half a day, other times, it takes months. Some go forever unfinished. Others re-read frequently. Here's some of my favorites, past, present and future. Enjoy!

A gift from my friend Maggie! I love the books that see through the eyes of a musician - somehow I find them easier to grasp :)
'Good To Great' is Jim Collin's follow-up to his best-seller 'Built to Last'. Technically, it should have been a prequel, since it deals with building a 'great' company from 'good' beginnings, whereas 'Built to Last' talks about keeping a great company great. This is amongst the great business bibles of our times.
Great advice doesn't have to be complicated - The One Minute Manager is a simple read focusing on 3 primary principles to guide you in your management/leadership role.
The E-Myth (Revisited) is one of the more impactful business books available. I continue to use the franchise-prototype methodologies in much of my work, which has a great impact on succession planning, exit strategies and systems implementation. A must-read for all entrepreneurs.
Steven Covey has put together one of the best works ever. The key word in the title is "habits". Covey's habits are not necessarily easy, but they definitely hit home. He never claims that this will be quick and painless, as most new habits are hard to form. This book is about being pro-active and building the life you dream of.

Peter Drucker (who died this year) was one of the world's leading economists and thought provokers. Peter's keep-pushing-the-limits, challenge-the-norm attitudes kept him at the top of his game until the day he left. I'm excited to read his works.