I love the books. I jest loves em! Though I find I read in cycles - sometimes a lot, other times - not so much. Sometimes I can power through a book in half a day, other times, it takes months. Some go forever unfinished. Others re-read frequently. Here's some of my favorites, past, present and future. Enjoy!

The Sacred Balance is a beautiful blend of ancient wisdom and modern scientific thought. Suzuki believes that, although abundant with information and technique, we humans lack a working worldview and have utterly disconnected ourselves from the living planet. "What we need," he says, "is a new kind of science that approaches the traditional knowledge of indigenous communities." - and that's exactly what this book provides.
I have read a number of Deepak Chopra's books, but none have evoked the intense joy and resonance that I felt while reading Peace is the Way. Chopra outlines the thought processes and belief systems that keep war within our experience. Yet throughout the book, he shows that there is another way, the way of peace in one heart at a time, my heart, and your heart.
Malcolm Gladwell has crafted a highly readable work on the nature of social epidemics and trends. It identifies the key traits in individuals that make things happen. This book will make you reevaluate what you see going on around you and where you may influence a "tipping point". It has many broad implications that I find really interesting.
After many years of pointing out many of our earth-damaging behaviours, Suzuki gives us an overview of some of the great things we're doing on this planet - and provides guidance as to how we can continue to maximize and even replicate these efforts.