i dont remember signing up
for the course on desensitivity...
but i'm somehow ok with living
in a world full of pain and hate.

i dont recall buying a lifetime membership
in the international consumer consortium...
but i think the net value of all my toys
could feed a third world family for years.

im not sure when i agreed to turning
a blind eye to mediocrity and indifference...
because i have lots of time to complain about politics
and no time to go out and actually vote.

My memory is hazy in recalling when i watched the show
that taught me everything's fine the way it is...
yet somehow i can justify day after day of pretending
I can do nothing about all the problems in the world.

What I DO know is I've spent 30 years watching smart
People point fingers at other people.
Their problem. Their fault.
I guess I need to rethink my choices and look inside a bit;
See if I live by conscious endeavor or by societal programming.

I don't remember writing these words
Though I hope to remember reading them.