Leprechaun's Gold - 1982

In early morning, while I was sitting down
I saw a leprechaun beside a King’s crown.
The crown had some gold! The crown had other jewels!
The crown was also full of shiny round pearls!

And just that second as I was running home to tell mom,
She said that it was pretty stupid and dumb.
But every word I said, I knew it was true.
And since she didn’t believe me I said “boo hoo”!

I ran to find that little leprechaun
But when I got there he seemed to be gone!
So I ran to tell Dad, know what he said?
He said that all leprechauns unfortunately are dead!

And I ran to my bedroom, and wanted to cry..
And there was the leprechaun I looked him in the eye!
I said I was his friend, I didn’t mean any harm
And all that he said was he hurt his little arm.

He said is was the witches curse!
He said he needed the leprechaun nurse.
I asked him “can I help you?”  He said “I don’t think so.”
At that I ran ran ran right through the snow.

I searched every piece of the wood
At last I found her, she said she could
Help that little leprechaun who’s name was Faun.
And everything was fine in the end.
And I got no wishes but I got a new friend!