Sing Loud


when i go as one day i will
whether leaves are on the windowsil
or rain is falling all around
or snow has blanketed the ground
or sun is shining in the sky
remember this: i did not die.

i did not die if deep in you
a memory lingers of something true
of soft words spoken or warm love shared
or a light touch given showing i cared
if magic existed between you and i
remember this: i can not die.

in solutide when fear steps in
or doubt or lonely thoughts begin
or little memories steal your sleep
slow things down, breathe real deep
if feeling weary, bruised to the bone
remember this: you're not alone.

if sorrow becons let it come
take the time, if needing some
lift eyes onto the stars above
and hug yourself to feel my love
and if your face is touched by tear
remember please: i'm still here.

i've no great secrets, no great shame
no resentment, no great blame
i chose my days, created my nights
held high my banner, set high my sights
shared wide my passions, of which i'm proud
laughed lots, loved fully, danced hard, sang loud

i have one thing i want to share
to consider, if you dare
do you find it easier to love someone else
than look in the mirrow and love yourself?
this one thing i share, i swear, is true
the best you can do is invest in you

read often, think softly, walk tall
love family, love friends and love ALL
take the chance, make it count, slow it down
breath the sky, feel the water, touch the ground
laugh deeply, love fully, sing loud
and in this you make us both proud.